Saturday, October 11, 2008

I can make anything with a little sorcery and glue

Welcome, welcome. Here is my artblog, a place for pictures of me making a fool of myself in costume, posting illustrations, or selling my wares. Perhaps there will also be posts and links about my comic, or art and comic books in general.

Mostly, this is going to be an update on my activities, which honestly are fairly interesting. I actually am a fairly interesting person. Most of that usually has to do with wearing costumes in front of thousands of people, or drawing monsters, or being sarcastic. But, I'm also a cat owner...which means that every time I go to a store and see a cat toy I am automatically compelled to buy it, regardless of how fast I know it will disappear under a random piece of furniture.

I almost worked for Robot Chicken, but it was an office job, and they weren't going to pay me. That's right Seth, I turned you down for my parents garage. Burn.

I can't wait to add all of my little projects and their progress. I can make anything with a little sorcery and glue. But not metal glue. I hate that stuff. I always get it on me, it's cursed.

There are lots of other things, but watch! I'll be posting lots of goodies on here. If not, fun sarcastic things, perhaps political things, atheist things, things, things.

I will enjoy it, so will you.

Yours in blogging,


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rayss said...

you are amazing. i do a little cosplay, i like anime, i am not a gamer at all but i love to see great cosplay. how can i get started with crafting cool stuff from fiber glass and foam or whatever you use. i am really simple right now, i use clothes and cardboard, tape and spray paint. not even glue yet.
thanks a bunch.