Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clea Costume Part One

Well, I know I want to make this costume. But I don't know which version OF the costume. I might do a hybrid of a few. This is going to be my 'fun' costume for comic con, plus an excuse to dye my hair white, which I've wanted to do forever. The other costume will probably be stupidly elaborate, but I haven't decided on what yet...

Plus, this costume is so bad, it's amazing. I'll make it look FASHION, as my friend Casey says. Here Clea can be seen on a picnic with Dr. Strange in the bowls of a spin-art machine...

Woo picnic time in the Dark Dimension!

Here are a few more pictures that are just badass:

and I LOVE this one, if this were more of a recognizable costume, I'd be all over it. I don't even know which comic it's from though....But I want to make this cloak. I think I just might, for shiggles.

Anyway, back to thinking about what to do...if anyone finds any more fantastic Clea pictures, send them my way! I need more to make the costume off of...

New Glasses of the Fashionable Faltine

Finally! My broken glasses have transformed into different FASHION glasses. I think they're not bad, and perhaps something new and different from my usual black frames.

As you can see, I have nothing at the moment to blog about other than my vision impaired-ness. Oh well!

Also, it's taken in photobooth, and in black and white, just to make me look like I'm trying THAT HARD.

Also, while I'm at it, here's a tattoo design I made. I want to get it once I'm employed. Which could be...who knows how long, but not soon! Haha.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, the holidays more or less impede me from doing any sort of art (though I did a few sketches I might post later). But for now, I'm posting this scan. Because it's amazingness is just too out of control for me to keep to myself. (I'm pretty sure it's form some marvel team-up issue, ha).

Because its not a time for tea, it's a time for action.

Monday, December 8, 2008

No Shower for Byron Orpheus! Pt. 4

And finally, pictures of the Master of Mysticism himself! Thank you all for your lovely comments in the last post, you're amazing! And just to say, he's around 16 inches tall! I haven't had internet for two days and counting (and the people in this coffee shop hate me because my friends call me and I cuss really loud because I can't help it...) Anyway! Next time I take pictures of him he won't have a wrinkly sheet in the background....

"Pumpkin, get me my cloak!....Alright, fine. Get me my BLUE WINDBREAKER! "

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Shower for Byron Orpheus Pt 3

A quick preview of the uncloaked version.....with added bonus feature of a ridiculous image of me....Oh and he's missing a neck too, hence the blob of goiter-like sculpy that I added for stability. I think he'll be finished in pt. 4!