Sunday, February 8, 2009

LA Myth good times!

Wow, what a fantabulous thing the art show was! I had a great time, there were free drinks, good friends (so many! I was floored at how everyone came to see the show and my art, it makes me feel so lucky). So yeah, thank you to everyone who came, and who will go this month. You guys are fantastic.

Below are a few pictures of the evening (as captured by me and my grandpa, candidly) so you can see what was going on. Denise (the curator) told me to think about next year! I hope this gets to be an annual thing for me because as you can imagine, I have lots of fun ideas.....mwahaha.

I wish I would have taken more pictures, there were these big stuffed squids everywhere and all these amazing pieces of art, but you get the idea!

On to the show...

Me looking artsy by Familiar 16.

Fishman! He sold to a lovely lady whom I am glad will take him home.

Familiar 86, looking sly.

It was PACKED! What a party. I know you?!

Early in the show when it was me and my endearing fans.........ha

Me, at the drawing wall. I did the dragon, not the nasty.

Again, thanks to everyone who came, bought my art, and were being fashion!

Now I have to make more....

And remember the show runs until the 24th at Meltdown comics, so go check it out!


Tom Banwell said...

Holly, I have two things to say. First, Fishman is my favorite yet of your work I think. It's up there, anyway. Second, you are selling your art way too cheap! $65?! Are you kidding me? C'mon girl, how about $300 (until you get famous, then more)?

As always, I remain one of your biggest fans.

TotusMel said...

Congrats! You look like you had a blast...though I'd hardly recognize you out of "garb"

Stephanie said...

Hey Holly, those pieces were amazing... you're a wonderful artist and friend and I can't wait to see your show in person. I agree that you sell your stuff on etsy for too cheap hehe but yeah.. talk to you soon love..


RockLove said...

I have admired your work on Etsy and now found your blog through my good buddy TotusMel - yeahhh!!!

congrats, your piece is amazing, and you look adorable next to #16 :)