Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Lady Emerges

(The ensuing chaos that has erupted can be seen in the above picture of my "workshop")

Well, I've been shopping all weekend for materials for the good Lady, and I have to say the SIZE of this project is daunting, even for me. Though I did a trial blade for her headdress, and it turned out fairly well. The Magic Sculpt made for a good seal on the edge of the Styrene, but it chipped off later, so I may have to add a layer of spray epoxy or sealant to keep it from coming off. Either way it really give it a nice rusty-blade-type texture.

Anyway, now on to some pictures!
Above is the Styrofoam I bought, and the head form I found in my grandma's garage. The face is actually a mask used for mardi-gras type masks but I wanted to use it because it just looks so damn pissed off. I mean really, that is one mean face that mask is making. Hence, I've decided to make it the Lady of Pain.

That is a huge piece of styrene plastic, some dowels, more foam, and my cat Orpheus. He's is this doing in my lizard-catching area?! I have three sheets of this stuff I'm going to be using for the headdress blades, as well as the various blades on the robe. I'll post pictures of the patterns and the cutting once I....actually do it....haha.

Alright, well, there are the basics...I have some fabric now, a trial blade, and some more sculpting ideas....I think my next post will be about those, and then I can discuss the finer points of magic sculpt and how tiny costumes can be translated into giant ones.....but for now, I'm off to work tomorrow and off to bed.

Yours in costumes,


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