Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dramatic Imagery

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the last post, I appreciate all the advice, of course! I think my slump is over, I made a few Etsy sales and finally got to work on the costume some more, which is great.

First I had to glue and stabilize the blades so that when I walk they don't get all crazy wobbly. There are two sides of styrene here with the dowels in between. I'm not sure what size the dowels are because at Michal's it's as if small children decided to play lincoln logs with all the different sizes and then put them back where they pleased. So most of the time I never know what size I'm using.

Alright, once these are stuck together I'm using a super awesome clay they use at work called Magic-Sculpt, it's a two-part epoxy clay that dries SUPER hard and SUPER light.

It's also water soluble before it dries (which takes about 2-3 hours) so you can sculpt it and make it super smooth. Though it takes some getting used to and it seems to work better with either foam under it or an armature. But anyway! Once I've filled in the cracks on the sides of the blades, I stick them in the foam head base for a little bit of dramatic imagery....

Whoooo there's a shark coming to get me back there! And a shit ton of surf boards! Well, none of those are mine. But that's pretty dramatic, right?! Now picture the head taller with glowing eyes and shoulders and arms....and clothes. I just couldn't lift it as high as it will actually be because it hit the ceiling.

Anyway, expect a new post on how I'm making the skeleton for this, how it's going to really be a giant hat, and how I'm going to get it to not fall apart.

Time to go find my cats in the garage, I think they're hiding from me....


TotusMel said...

That is going to be seriously dangerous piece of costume there, glad things are going better!

Tom Banwell said...

Inspiring work, Holly. Can't wait to see the next post!

. c h o k l i t . said...

Hot damn, this is exciting! Waiting with baited breath to see if the shark will get you...

Happy Knitter said...

Your "hat" really does look amazing. I'm interested to find out how you will "see" in this costume.

Darchala said...

This raises an interesting question: How is one going to deal with doorways with the completed costume on? Directing a few dabus to knock out the surrounding wall?

Anonymous said...

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