Monday, May 18, 2009



What a week. Honestly, if I told the story of the past two weeks, it would probably take up pages. Thankfully I've done a lot to the costume, plus a lovely picture of me in my pajamas holding it up. Joy of joys.

Alright, so the foam is all glued together. I just used hot glue, I read that it wouldn't work on the hard floral foam I used as a base, but it did! But just to be sure, I used this strange plaster gauze to cover the top of her body as well as the bottom where I've attached my vaguely flimsy and worrisome frame.

The plaster I used is really neat stuff, I might actually get more once I have to attach the blades and make the whole head seamless. But I'll have to experiment first to see if it makes it look good enough.

Here's the link to the plaster, please note how godawful ugly all of the crafts are on the package....Rigid Wrap

Alright, so once my wooden frame is glued together with liquid nails, tested by me throwing it around a little, and the foam base is glued in and plastered, I placed some of the quilt batting I bought around the head to just show you guys the shape. She's actually going to be made into her actual normal body shape with the quilt batting. Why? It's only 5.99 a yard and it's light, fluffy, and huge. Plus it'll be easy to sculpt the torso and arms by merely taping that crap together. I just have to make sure I don't catch on fire. Easy, right?

Well, that's all for now, here's a picture of the costume balenced ont he ground and then me holding the first trial of the costume. I'm going to pad the wooden frame with foam so wearing it isn't a nightmare....but look how huge it is!! wooo amazing! Alright, keep reading...more to come....
Before I put it on. And there's my mom in the background. Hi mom!! Yes I still live at home! Let's not talk about how old I am and that I'm making costumes in my garage! lol

This picture was taken from the ground, pointing upward, so the proportions are all off and the blades are falling off. But you get the idea.

Oh, and I've been listening to this band while working laitly, it's sort of like working in a victorian haunted house.....enjoy!

Madagascar, Son of a Hunchback Lithographer


AJ said...

It's really exciting to watch this costume take shape!

Conscript said...

You look incredibly tired

romy said...

This is gonna be some costume! Fascinating to see it come together...hmm gotta get me some magic-sculpt...