Monday, June 1, 2009

Breaking and Painting

Another weekend, another problem solved. The costume decided to have a broken leg, so I decided that wooden dowels weren't going to be enough to hold all of the weight of the head along with the weight of the robe. So! I got some metal plumbing pipes and epoxied the metal to the wood, then duct taped them all together. it's way heavier, which I wanted to avoid, but on the bright side it's not going to be breaking any time soon.

After fixing that little mishap I casted the eye pieces out of resin in a small teaspoon (if you ever need to cast clear eyes out of resin, spoons work AMAZING, if you think about it they're very eye shaped). So I now have the red eyes, which will go over the lights and inside of the mask. How I'm going to do this is still a mystery. But I'm working on it!

So anyway, integrity is fixed, the head has now been spray painted with a base coat of metallic bronze, and then finished with various colors that make things look dirty and's a before and after, and there will be more to come this week! Also, I've been updating my Etsy store recently, so if anyone is bored and needs some alchemical reagents...go see!

This is just after I spray-painted it. WAY too shiny. The Lady of Pain needs to be as nasty and rusted as Sigil itself.

Much better! I think that making things look rusted is one of my favorite activities. I'll have some close ups of it later. Next on the list is more halo-building, robe building, and fabric aging, which is one of the most fun things to do I think. So more on that soon!

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Conscript said...

I thought for sure I posted a comment on this. Oh well, I said something to the extent that the rust looks really awesome.

Furthermore, keep up your hardwork, I admire it, that's for certain.