Monday, June 22, 2009

FeeJee Mermaid Found!

I am pleased to announce that I have found (or made...) a feejee mermaid for the fine cabinet of curiosities of a kind and generous man. DO not be alarmed by its appearence! It is completely harmless as it has washed ashore dead and may no longer nibble the ankles of swimmers at the seaside.

Once it has been packed, this lovely creature will be sent to the esteemed Barber Jon, for his museum-worthy collection of rare oddities from around the globe.

Thank you, good sir!


Cathrine McClure said...

Wow, Holly! That is amazing. It looks real and it looks creepy. Real creepy. You are an artist! Don't forget it.

Britton said...

Holy cows that is astounding! Srsly insanely amazing. Very jealous of the one who owns it.

I want to see this WoW costume too.