Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rock Costume!

SO this is the commissioned rock costume! It's going really well, tomorrow its getting a door, a coat of paint, and some moss. I just thought I'd update everyone on how it's going. The glowing symbol will be on the other side as well, I'm resin casting that now and it should be done tomorrow too....Serious, giant rock costume. Amazing.

I'm essentially making this.

The inside, you can see the PVC frame and the backpacking backpack. Really nice, and its comfortable! There's going to be a hidden door on this side. The outside is made of foam, I forget what it's called, I'll have to remember but it comes in big sheets. It's stuck onto some muslin with spray adhesive over chicken wire and then the cracks were given a bathroom-caulking to make it look more rock-like. I'll be painting it with spray paint tomorrow, detailing with acrylics.

Here's me next to it as a size ratio. I had been working all night and was a little punchy.

I'll post pics when its done! Thanks for reading, everyone....

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Cathrine McClure said...

Your costume is fantastic! I don't get why someone wants to walk around as a rock! Is it a character? I guess I could ask Ian.