Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More pics!

Alright, time to post a few more pictures of the Lady of Pain, for your enjoyment (and maybe one of the trophies!) but first, if you guys take a gander at the last post, I got a comment from David "Zeb" Cook. Well, if you don't know, he "is particularly known for being the lead designer on the 2nd edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game and the Planescape campaign setting." AHHHHH! I flipped out. He's D&D famous, and I have to say if he's still reading the blog, thank you SO much Zeb (I really wanted to use that amazing name there), for saying that I did the Lady of Pain justice, that's more than I could have imagined, and exactly what I wanted to do with the costume. It was an homage to a masterpiece of a world and a constant inspiration for me to this day, so, thank you to the most canny blood in the Cage! (I know, I know, I had to say it, I really can't help myself when I have a geek-out moment)

Alright, now that I'm done sounding silly, here are the pics...I found a video, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it off the site, so! If you'd like to see the video, go to this link and sign in under my name, FyrielArt, password 'kittens' to watch it. And please excuse the time it took for me to get on stage, they had the lights wrong and I was being a bit pushy....ah well! More dramatic!

Alright, on to some more pics..

(her eyes were glowing before the show started, and somehow they, along with our fog machine, magically crapped out. So sad!)

My trophies! I know, its cheeky to post them, but why not?

And finally, for no reason at all, me and this little kid who is dressed as Dr. Strange, who apparently reads the comics as well. It was the best thing ever.

Again, thank you all for the lovely comments. I'm going to start working on some new layouts for this blog, along with my portfolio to make them a bit more accessable, as well as starting a few projects for Orpheus Alchemy. So expect to see some more projects and costumes!



ArtSnark said...

how fun! off to check out your video

Mark said...

The website is lookin very nice Holly. Keep up the fabulous work!

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