Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blizzcon Recap

Hello everyone!

I have to say, Blizzcon this year was a hit (I think I'll have to go next year now, I really missed the community, everyone is absolutely fabulous). This year I was lucky enough to get to go with two amazing costume creators. Here was Christina's and here was Alex's amazing costume. They were great to go with, and I had such a good time (even if I was, for once, the repair peon. Karma, right???). Alex and I might even do a collaboration for next year's comic con/Blizzcon good times. I think it would be beyond amazing. Plus he knows way more about electronics than I do, which as seen from how the Lady of Pain's eyes never lighting up, are not my forte.

So the meeting stone was a hit. John (the lovely fellow who commissioned it) wore it around, and on stage for me (though I got the credit for creating the monstrosity, of course) and later he actually had Ozzy Osbourne text me. No joke! It was pretty much awesome. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Ozzy, but lets be honest, his ability to sound unintelligible and then get up there and do an amazing show at his age is really commendable. And his text message was quite proper.

Also, one more fun tidbit, my grandpa, Dorse Lanpher, is a legend in the 2-D animation world. He did special effects for more Disney movies than you probably remember, and he just got a lovely bio on the Creative Talent Network website, so if any of you care to take a gander, go see! He's awesome, and I wouldn't be here trying so hard to get where I want to be if it weren't for him. So take a look!

That's all for now, thanks to all my friends and readers, and I promise there will be new costume updates soon!

Yours in cons,


PS: I will be entering THIS contest. Because, lets be honest, all the stuff I make looks like that anyway.

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