Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, the rock costume is back in my garage and getting repaired for Blizzcon. The lovely person that commissioned it from me actually managed to get me a ticket, so I'll be able to get all the swag and play the new games, etc. Of course I won't personally be wearing a costume, which will be a test of my resolve of not being the center of attention (haha). But I have high hopes of it being a stellar time, for quite a few reasons...

Anyway! I've mostly been waiting for contacts to e-mail me, keeping in touch, putting together the hard portfolio to send to a grocery list of about 10 different companies who may or may not throw it in the garbage, lol. Good times. I'll most definitely post pics of that once its done for all of you lovelies to critique.

I took a few glamor shots of the rock in my garage, as seen here!

Also, I've listed a few things in my store that creep even ME out for the upcoming Halloween season. So keep looking!

Finally, more things to come, probably Blizzcon pics!


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