Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Car Broke, So I Went for a Walk

The 30 Freeway. Two men Enter. One Man leaves.
Hello everyone!

The breaks on my car decided to start screaming at me, so I decidedly had to take the little fellow in. The car place I always go to is just up the street about a 45 minute walk, so I drive it up there and walk home through some of Southern California's best post-apocalyptic landscaping.

I realized its time to put a little bit of my unknowing inspiration on this blog, such as some of the horrendously ugly yet beautiful scenery of where I grew up. This was all taken between the mechanic's shop and the long stretch of track homes I live in. Along there is a Wal Mart, an Applebees, Ross, a Christian book store, and a few other things and like 3 gas stations. California is a diverse place, but here is a glimpse into the fabled and feared Inland Empire. Also, when these were taken around 9am, and it was already almost 100 degrees out.

Anyway, Enjoy!

The mountains. Sometimes the smog is so bad you can't see them.

Across from there was this sign left under a "One Way" post. I should probably get a pretentious photography award for this one.
Not a trail? But look at all the wildlife!

When I come back to make my Mad Max armor, this would be a sweet crown.

The world is a beautiful place. Some of the plants to the side of this that you can't see are Deadly Nightshade. Yeah, its a weed here.


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