Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obscure Costumes are the Best Costumes

Hello Everyone!

Recently my technologies have decided to hate me. My camera is broken, my lap top is broken, and my external hard drive won't work on my mac so that I can fix my lap top. Whew. So in the process of fixing all of these things I can't update my store, not can I take any pictures of what I've been working on.

So, I've decided to start thinking about a pet project of mine that involves costume illustrations, and then finally costume creation.

I know that I want to make a costume based on Clea, from the Dr. Strange comics. But lets be honest, her costume is simple, skin tight, and a little frightening. I love it , I do, but I want to make a few changes as if it were going to be in a movie instead of the pages of a comic book. While, of course, still being true to the original character and not making it look like a train wreck.

So here's my super quick sketch of my idea...

I know, I know. I cut off her feet. Imagine she's wearing boots. Anyway, I was thinking I would replace the ever-hated spandex look with leather. Make those leggings out of leather and burn the stripes into them. Also make the gloves and shoulders out of leather. The top part is going to be a crown, and not her hair. Because honestly, no one does their hair like that, and she's royalty so a crown actually makes sense. The parts that wouldn't be leather would probably be made of something vinyl like, but I'm not sure. The cloak and things would be linen, or something more convincingly other-dimensional. And I'd of course tone the color pallet down from OHMYGODMAGENTA to probably a lot darker shade of something in that hue.

But anyway, just musings, as always. The leather would be a pain because I would have to do it by hand, but I've done it before so it's not that hard.

Anyway, more to come soon!


ArtSnark said...

sound cool

Tom Banwell said...

Hand sewing leather? Does anyone still do that? ha ha!

Anonymous said...

quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter.