Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy Busy

Ugh, I'm so busy now! Its a good sort of busy though. I'm helping a friend with a project and working on the "9" sculpture. Here are some concept drawings I did for him:

They're his design, just rendered by and drawn by me. Anyway! I got this amazing chunk of carving foam from the dumpster at work (yes, I will shamelessly admit that, dumpsters are amazing). And it is SO cool. The stuff carves insanely well, and you can sand it! So I made the neck of what I'm now calling "Familiar 9" out of this foam. Here's a sneak peak of the general shape he's going to be, tomorrow I'll glue him all together and start laying on the cloth and latex and all of that. Then after that it's making the hands....

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