Sunday, January 10, 2010

Head! Cast! Fun! Time!

Alright, as said before, this weekend was head cast time! You can't have a body cast without a head cast. I will try to be as faithful as possible to what we were doing, how we did it, and how much pain was involved. A lot of the Haunted House people are there, and we're doing it at James's place (he runs the haunted house ...shameless plug...), so try to look in the background of the pictures to see if you see anything totally insane because his house is amazing. Thank you James for letting us ruin your kitchen and for listening to me whine (which is pretty much always).

Anyway! First we went out to LA (which is about an hour form here) and went to some art/makeup supply stores. Two of them are Frends Beauty Supply, and Carter Sexton. I proceeded to spend money I didn't have. We then went to a few other fun places, including Necromance over in Hollywood for some dead animals and bones and then Halloweentown where I bought a new demonology book (I kid you not, my free time is spent being a voracious heathen).

Here's the best picture I got out of the trip:  It says Gifts, Cards, and Caskets. Obviously your one stop shop for buying gifts for a loved on and then killing them.

Anyway! After whining a lot and making it back alive (by some sort of miracle) we started on the head cast.  Poor Tank had to shave some more, and then get ready. We started unwrapping the swag we got earlier in the day, AKA the plaster bandages seen to the side. They're super quick dry and the same as we had for the body cast.  At the same time, we started to get Tank ready to be thrown into the head cast...

Hokay! Tank has a lot of hair, so we have to put it up in a weird telly-tubby-like tube so that it doesn't interfere with the head cast. This is what we're doing here.

He then gets a latex cap to cover his head, which is trimmed to fit and stuck on absolutely perfectly with Prozade (its a super sticky makeup/prosthetic glue). He gets Vaseline on eyebrows, eyelashes, etc, anything that could stick to the alginate.

The finished outfit is a stylish trash bag, bald cap, and weird head appendage. This is half the reason why I'm there to document these things. We then mix up the alginate in cold water. This is dental alginate, the stuff they use to make molds of your teeth. It's very expensive, but so is everything it seems that we use to mold people. So here it is being mixed up (ew) and then being put on Tank's head, making sure his nose isn't covered so he can breath. It'll slowly start to "kick" which means it begins to solidify as it reacts with the cold water. When that happens, we begin putting on the plaster bandages. 

It's pretty much as unpleasant as it looks.

Bandage time! Same as last time, hot water plus bandages equals good times.
(I didn't get any pictures of James, as seen below, drying them out with a blow torch. It was pretty great)

The front half is done! You can see again where we've created a flange, that's where the other half will overlap (we cover it with Vaseline) so the two halves can be pulled off.

Uhh, apparently the above picture is tradition. I didn't draw it, but it is very stylish. If you notice Tank's head is leaning forward, that's because our good friend the Ogre has a very forward head and a massive back, we have to take all that into consideration before all of this is done.

Now that's the inside of the mold! Pulled off of Tank's head. All those little soft lines are actually skin, and if you look closely you can see detailed pores on it as well. It's amazing! Here's Tank, all done and smiling, either because his face is stuck like that or he's relieved he can see again.

Alright, that is not the end of the night! There's a lot more head casting fun to be had, but it's my bed time so I'll blog about that later this week. 

PS. You get extra points if you can spot the giant crab, mask, cages and/or swords in the background.


Mike said...

I spotted the Willow DVD if that counts for anything!

ArtSnark said...

looks like a fun time