Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ogre Body Cast time!

Today was the beginning of one of the most ambitious costume projects I've taken on, even more so than the Lady of Pain from last year. But thankfully this time I have help! Some of my friends over at the Haunted House are helping me body cast our lovely actor Tank, who will be wearing the ogre suit on stage while Jessica, myself, and a clan of darkspawn run around with magic and awesomeness.

The process is simple in concept but tedious and painful in application. Here you can see poor Tank trying out the bicycle seat he'll be sitting on for an hour covered in plaster. Not to mention the poor guy had to shave....all over. We're getting to that....

This looks as uncomfortable as it is. Especially since the haunted house people seem to use this as a hazing ritual to get extra friendly with everyone they know. Go figure. Anyway, after having shaved, plastic wrapped his boxers, and covered himself in petroleum jelly, then we start applying the plaster bandages! These bandages are the sort that you have to get from supply stores that carry special effects makeup, as they're fast-drying so the poor sod inside the cast doesn't pass out from being there too long (though they do sometimes anyway). 

Alright, what fallows are a few pictures of the bandaging process. What you'll see is bandages being applied to the front, and then a flange created which will be wiped with petroleum jelly. Then the back plate of bandages will be made right on top of that so that the two pieces are separate. Sticks are put in the places along the arms and legs that will have the most resistance between them when the cast is pulled off.

That black line is the flange, that way the two pieces can be removed. We're using hot water and straight up plaster bandages, which is why you have to shave, otherwise it'll pull your hair out.

The feet are elevated up to fit inside of the legs of the costume, the ogre is going to have around a half a foot or more of foam under that actor's feet, giving the costume greater height than a normal human. Your feet have to be hidden in the leg above the foot, and hence at more of an angle. Like high heels, but scary. Here's a little example I drew up with a piece of concept art that is amazing, and not drawn by me except the red parts and where I drew a snap line on the head...

It might not have taken so many people, but no one can resist a party.

The finished cast! After being pulled off gingerly and Tank was allowed to be free and have a smoke. It only took about two hours. Not bad, right?!

Anyway, now next comes the final fiberglass mold of the body cast, and the head cast! But we ran out of bandages. So until next time...I'll be updating at least weekly, it's only 6 months until comic con and I have around 5 costumes to make. SO keep watching!!

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ArtSnark said...

very cool. Always enjoy the work in progress walk thru

Designs by Victoria said...

That's impressive indeed. I've been through a head-and-shoulders cast, so I can appreciate the effort a full-body one takes.

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

Anonymous said...

very handy, thanx a ot for this blog -- This is what I was looking for.