Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mass Effect 2, Damn You.

Damn you Bioware. How is it that you make Dragon Age, and I'm like....wow, this game has to be the best game I've played since Baldur's Gate!

Then you make Mass Effect 2.

And you throw me from my safe, magic-filled fantasy world into the stark, silver-streaked mystery that is sci-fi. Then you throw in amazing characters, awesome badass dialogue, an epic story, and fantastically questionable alien-human romance options, and what am I supposed to do?! NOT make a costume?!?!?!

SO anyway, I've taken a break from the ogre for a bit to finish the game. I did, in like 5 days. I've already started it again though.......augh! It really is amazing, really. I can't wait until the third.

So ah, maybe Dragon Age, Mass Effect cross over skit? All I know is that I want to make a Turian and some Commander Shepard armor. That is all.

Creativity is a cruel master. Anyway, more official costume posts to come soon, now that the rain has stopped and we can fiberglass the other side of the body cast!


Anonymous said...
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Eleni said...

A Turian costume? That'll be cool. Did you ever end up playing the first Mass Effect?

I might finally finish Dragon Age this weekend, then I can get moving on Mass Effect 2. Can't wait.

BioWare is awesome.

Soph! said...

Lol! I have heard that both of those games are SO good. I have yet to play either. I need to pick up one or the other. Especially since Dragon Age is available on Mac, I have no excuse!