Saturday, March 6, 2010

Broken Things in My Garage

Well, so far this weekend of costume has been discovering what does, and does not work in my garage. The drill, which is probably an ancient relic, does not work. It sparks when I turn it on.....and as far as my abilities go, nailing things together usually turns out poorly. But in the end, the head cast got a lovely stand to sculpt on...


Yeah, that messed up resin/bondo bit below his neck is a flange I made so that the head will extend far enough into the armor. 
So now, I need to vaccu-form some nice eye forms, make a foam structure under the clay as well as a structure for the eyes (so that the animatronics inside the head aren't all wonky when I make the fiberglass shell). And then I can start to actually sculpt the head! woo! 

I also patterned out the N7 armor on a mannequin with some tape and vaguely accurate measurements...I have a crock pot to melt my chavant and a form to pour it in so that I can place even slabs onto the form. Lots lots lots to do before the end of July. 

 Eeek! Nekkid mannequin!

But I'm working on it. 

More to come soon!

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