Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Comic Con, Part....whatever

Well, being the flaky artist that I am, I've changed my mind. Again.

But trust me....this costume is going to be AWESOME.


So the Ogre is now Grunt, and my whole Morrigan costume idea is going to be turned into Commander Shepard. Yes, this may just be some grand scheme to make myself a Commander Shepard costume.......maybe.  But anyway, I'm officially starting sculpting this week, so it's final, I'll be making Mass Effect costumes and it's going to be magical.

Also, here's the finished, cleaned head cast....with a lovely monocle on it for garnishing. 


The body cast is also done, but still at work, so I have to snag some pics of it as I make a giant armature for it. Also, I've been taking a sculpting class out in LA with Jordu Schell, and it's been super fun. We're doing a sort of half mask/creature and here is a picture of mine in progress... 

Not sure what to call him yet......... not even close to being done, but looking neat!

Anyway, ever busy, but I'll be updating more with project pictures and cool crap....



Anonymous said...
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Eleni said...

Grunt--sweet! I'm sorry there's not going to be any Morrigan costume, but Shepard is an acceptable replacement. Can't wait to see them.