Thursday, April 22, 2010

Molding party!!!!

Well tonight we had a molding party for Grunt's head. That's right, it's molded, the sculpting is done! weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

So, here are a few pics of the molding party with pals from work and the haunted house doing all the work helping. But I make a mean cup of espresso.

First, I just liked this concept picture, really nice detail. I need to find out who did it so I can credit them appropriately. Definitely going to use it for armor reference. Anyway, back to the molding party!!

So here we've put crystal clear on it and green wax, and are trying to get it to not fall over because of my inability to make a functional stand. (that's me in the middle laughing about it! Har har! James and Ben look like they're not as amused.)

Jesus Krogan of Shem Stock. 
Note: if you do a clay flange, it's neater and leaves no seam. But because Grunt has such a rough head, the seam will be easily fixed so we just used shem stock, which you can get at any home depot in the roofing area.

The first layer of Bondo-Glass, it gets the detail

Then a layer of mud

 Ahh fiberglass! Quick before it cures and messes up everything whaa!



Three layers of fiberglass and some coffee and Kahlua later...

And the mold is done!

That's me in the middle, holding my scarf to my face in avid concern of the mold being done. 

But it is! I'll spare all of you the hole drilling and core-making, and start updating more N7 stuff in the next few days!

And thanks again to all my lovely friends and fellow artists who help me on these massive project things. I would be complaining a lot more without you, and hurting myself with giant molds. ;D

And soon enough you'll get to see the first cast of Grunt. *excited*


Kelliente said...

This whole process is fascinating. I spend most of my time writing, but your blog makes me feel the need to make something concrete.

I can't wait to see the finished product!

tatterhood said...

This just keeps on getting more and more epic!!

Sarah Dungan said...

Wait I wasn't paying attention...what sort of clay did you use? (It is not the red rust or grey-green of the plasticine I'm used to)