Friday, May 7, 2010

Betwixt Renaissance Faires and Space Armor

Whew, everything has been crazy lately, I'm helping set up an Alchemy shop with some of the haunt people at the Renaissance Faire. That's been a blast, lots of skulls, bones, old books, bottles, etc. I've been showing them the ropes of becoming real fake alchemists like myself (lol). But I know, you're all wondering how the hell I have time to do that when I have unifinshed space armor in the garage. I'm mixing my geek genres, and that's just messy. Right?

Well I don't have time. But the Ren Faire is fun! Sooo...

Don't worry! Grunt's head is ready to be cast next week, I spared you blog readers some of the other molding crap, it'd be as boring to read as it was for me to do it. If you're really hankering for the details, I can do a follow-up post later. But expect pictures soon!

As far as the N7 armor goes, that's been going well. I've started to sculpt up and make the fiberglass parts. The chest should be molded in the next few days, and then we'll get to sanding and finishing.

For now, here's a quick WIP pic...enjoy!


"Hi I'm Commander Shepard, please don't grope me."


Eleni said...

Ooh, it's even got the N7 on it!

What color is it going to be? It suddenly occurred to me that the color is customizable in ME2, so not everyone would have gone around in navy blue like I did.

Holly said...

I'm doing the whole renegade thing (scars and red contacts are fun!! lol)

So it's going to be mostly black, with the usual red stripe. Weee!

Editrix said...

Awww look! You finally get to have boobs! *proud tear*

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Anonymous said...

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