Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grunt Test Skin, Foam Latex!

Alright, here's another one of those processes I'm going to sort of muddle over. It's not that it wouldn't be fascinating, but it's one of those things that despite pages of blogging, it'll still be really hard to do if you try it. But, I do have pictures! We poured the foam latex test head at work the other day, using work's giant mixer and syringe. It came out with a few bubbles, but it's a test skin, so it's fine.

This is GM prosthetics grade foam latex, rather than animatronic grade which is a little more dense (and mrroe expensive, eeeew) Since this will be animatronic, it'll take a little beating, but it's not going to be any serious business metal parts, it'll mostly be fiberglass and plastic. Here's a pic of the head! it sort of feels like moist bread and smells like rotten pastries:

See how it squishes up?? Foam latex is super soft, it's practically just air, which is why it makes such good animatronics and prosthetics.
Ahhh skinny-faced krogan. It looks like I photo-shopped him, but I didn't! It's just that stretchy.

Now I have to do some more things to this test skin, including cut it in half, fiberglass the inside, make a head cap thing, etc etc, all so it can be worn as a real costume piece! But right now, I need to finish the N7 armor before the 22nd. Wish me luck...I'll be updating!


Eleni said...

Nice description of how it feels/smells.

So is that skin going to be worn as a real costume piece, or is it just a test skin?

GOREilla Artist said...

Looks great how will he see?

Heathen said...
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Holly said...

Eleni: We're going to pour a duplicate with less bubbles for the actual skin. That one I'll paint and make look pretty with eyes, sculpted teeth, etc. This one is the animation test, so it's going to get all torn up from testing the movement.

And he's going to see out some panels that I'm making vaccuform and out of the mouth, there are a few sneaky hidden places lol

ArtSnark said...

looking good!