Sunday, May 30, 2010

N7 Sneak Preview and a Blog Award!

Well I wasn't going to post any of the N7 armor until is was done, but I think I'll give you guys a few little snippets....I also got a lovely blog award! One of the other awesome geeky bloggers out there, Eleni, from An RPG Called Life, gave me this:

Woo! First I'll grace you guys with my 10 geeky facts, and then some really frightening pictures of me as a few pieces of Jane Shepard, renegade extraordinaire.

1. I used to dress up in costumes as long as I can remember, starting as a very small child. A few of my favorite were (and this was when I was like....5....)....Raccoon Mario, a Koopa (this was created by me by taking a green pillow and taping it to my back), Pterodactyl, Dale from Chip n'Dale, Peter Pan, etc etc to name a few.

2. I've always loved RPG computer games. I played from Kings Quest 4 until the end, I started when I was around 5 or 6, and I've been playing them ever since. Oh and Quest for Glory, that was such a great series. I also had a Sonic stuffed animal I was thoroughly in love with, thus starting my unhealthy obsession with fictional characters. Baldurs Gate, was of course, my biggest influence in high school. I loved that whole series, and NWN. They were amazing.

Then of course came WoW, and my costumes based off of that. Then I realized that game was boring, and the rest is history.

3. One of my best friends and I wrote a book when we were 11-13. It was a fantasy/sci-fi epic with different dimensions, monsters, magic, space ships, and pretty much made of awesome. It was called The Three and was 340 pages long. We tried to get it published and failed. I sucked at PR back then.

4. I wanted to be an Ornithologist and study birds, until I realized chemistry was hard. Then I went to college and got a degree in Medieval Studies, and realized academia was boring. Now I'm an artist, go figure. I should have known, I got most artistic in high school, painted murals, won money in sculpture competitions, and got scholarships...all based on art. Oh well, same place different means.

5.I love old comic books, and I love Marvel comics. I've read every Dr. Strange comic out there, and have decided that he seriously needs more love. And a movie. Where I make the costumes (hint hint).

6. I've played D&D multiple times, even DMed a few games. I'm always a tiefling sorceress (one of my first costumes I made, too). Go figure.We tried to make a D&D club in high school, and ended up getting pulled into the principles office asking if we were going to be doing any "blood sacrifices" and "witchcraft". I wish I was joking.

7. I used to watch Buffy with my parents as a kid, and Xena and Hercules. Then it moved onto Stargate and Star Trek, both of which I love. I still even now watch Star Trek while I'm working in the garage. Come on, Picard is such a badass. I also went to the Hilton Star Trek experience before it closed, and it was freaking amazing. I think I was like, 13. Also, when I was that age my favorite movies were Independence Day, Men In Black, and Appolo 13. I see a theme here.

8. I have a bookshelf full of books on magic, demonology, herbs, astrology, and just about any other awesome mystical pseudo-science you can name. And yet I'm a total science-militant Atheist.

9. I lived in Scotland for a year and was the "north wind" in a crazy naked pagan festival, and loved every minute of it. I wish I was still there. I've been all over the UK, and not just because I liked Harry Potter. And had an owl with a letter taped to my ceiling. Mostly.

10. There's seriously a lot more, I'm just a massive geek. I can't help it. Also, I still have a picture of Valen from NWN in my garage workshop, and now there's one of Garrus. But really, I'm TOTALLY normal.....on to the pictures!!

Here's a few of the makeup, wig, contacts, shoulder pieces, arm pieces (minus a lot of detail) and some of the butt pads. Don't get me started on the butt pads. The light colored pieces are missing the carbon fiber sticker, and are just bondo. Hence, more sanding!

Anyway, a TON of work to do, but it's good to see the pictures, right?! Anyway....enjoy...

Bored Shepard is bored.

I'll be updating soon!


Mike said...

You may be a geek but you're one of the coolest people I know. =)

Editrix said...

It's a good thing you limited yourself to 10 things, otherwise this list could have gone on all day.

soft nonsense said...

I really enjoy when people with awesome blogs follow me. Makes the finding and following of said awesome blogs that much easier to do.

Eleni said...

Yay for tiefling sorceresses. You'd generally have a racial penalty to charisma, which is the primary stat for sorcerers, though...but I guess you can deal with that. That's really sad about the school's misunderstanding. I hope you cast a horrid wilting (look) at them.

Valen was hot. I played a sorcerer/red dragon disciple, so I felt like we went well together--he with the horns and tail, me with the wings.

My parents watched Star Trek:TNG, and it was definitely the first hour-long TV show I watched. I always thought it was weird how long it was, since everything else I watched at the time was cartoons. I think I was probably too young to appreciate a lot of it, but I still have many fond memories. Good times. Watched a little Xena and Hercules back in the day, too.

I've never tried WoW. One of the main reasons I love BioWare games is the strong, involving stories, so I worry that WoW won't have that. Looking forward to The Old Republic, though. That should be an MMO I can get into.

You are an awesome geek :) The armor is coming along great--and I didn't know you were going all renegade. Cool!

Anonymous said...

DATASS... armor