Friday, August 13, 2010

More pictures!

Between raising money for PAX, fixing things, and going between LA and Highland it's been crazy! But I have enough time before I go to bed to post a few they are!! Pretty soon I'm going to be posting more about PAX as well, so keep watching!



Anonymous said...

You need to smile more Holly, have a great smile.
Great to see some pics finally for those of us that don't have facebook :)
Lookin forward to see how Jessica will look as Miranda.

And is great to see that Bioware even stepping up to help get you all to PAX!

Hilabeans said...

You guys are awesome! You need a Samara / Morinth. Wait. I could do that - you help me make it and I fund?

Anyway, good luck at PAX and can't wait for the updates. Go BioWare and Crabcat!

Brent said...

Great shots!

HaVoC373 said...

lovely foto's, and congrats on getting bioware to support your cause.

Anonymous said...

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