Monday, August 2, 2010

PAX and Shore Leave with Crabcat Industries

Well, the documentary crew is gone (until the movie comes out next year!) But that doesn't mean we're parked the Normandy for good. We want to go to PAX in Seattle Washington, and we're trying to get there with a crazy fundraiser!!

So, if you guys want to see more awesomeness on this blog, or in general, click DONATE to the left, watch our video, or visit our ETSY store. More to come soon!!

For now....SHORE LEAVE!


Space1810 said...

Its not much but I donated $20, hope it helps! you guys are awesome!

Nick said... have a panel there but don't have the money to go?

Or is this one of those things where one of you can go but you wanna try and get everybody in costume to be able to go.

Just curious. On the PAX boards there is already a topic posted about this but one of the first things posted after asking for support is some random person getting on to you all for having a panel and not being able to go.

I am down for whatever though, even if only one of you can come, interested to know the process by which you made each costume.

HaVoC373 said...

if i could donate, i would but i'm kind of short on money and i dont have a pay pal acount. i wish you guys the best of luck though and make sure to get some video's from the panel if you do manage to get there.

Anonymous said...

I would donate if you post some DAMN PICS

Eleni said...

Oh my God, a photo with Felicia Day?! Love love LOVE her!

You guys are awesome. I hope you all make it to PAX. I'm considering a Tali band, but trying to come up with things to request since you say you take commissions. Maybe a Hamlet Elcor drawing? Hmm, will have to think on this...

Anonymous said...