Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to the grind and Panel Videos!

Thank you to all who supported us at PAX! I'm posting the panel videos below, they're long, but if you watch the third video you'll see the Q&A, which is easily the most entertaining as well as the line up of costumes! Enjoy!

Wooo! What an awesome panel, and awesome people. If we get to go again next year expect more costumes, more of Crabcat, more shenanigans, and present! ;D

Now with everything dying down in convention land, it's back to job hunting for me. I've gotten a few temporary jobs but to keep myself making things and Crabcat going, I need to find something more secure.

So, it's job hunting time!

Which, honestly, can get me kind of down. While I may have a lot of designs, costumes and sculptures, I feel like I'm no where NEAR the caliber that they expect in the movie industry. That's not going to keep me from trying though. Ultimately, one day in the distant future when there's either a zombie apocalypse or a cure for cancer, I'd love to be an actual designer of costumes/creatures/etc for movies, games, what-have-you. You know, the one that gets to illustrate the ideas, etc. Creative stuff. But, as lofty as it is, it's a goal I'm holding on to, and I won't give up.

I have lots of plans for costumes coming up, one being a Dr. Strange costume along with Nightmare (two of my favorite Marvel characters) as well as some post-apocalyptic battle armor! So once the funds begin those will as well....keep watching this blog for updates!!


Clyde L. Rhoer said...

Hey Holly,

I don't remember where Crabcat is located, but if you're in L.A. maybe these folks need help?

They're making a fan created Elfquest movie. Likely something to add to your resume. Hope the search goes well for you.

Eleni said...

Glad you found those, thanks for posting them. Great job!

I'm so happy you're a huge BioWare fan. They're such a cool company (that was so nice of them to help you out in getting to PAX!), and they have the best characters (Minsc!). Speaking of the BioWare community, I had a brief encounter with my office mate's sister and brother-in-law, who were in town visiting her and stopped by her office only so they could get directions to their next tourist destination. Anyway, in the ~15 minutes they were there, the subject of Mac vs. PC came up, I said that I had a PC at home and explained I had to because I'm a gamer, the brother-in-law said, "Oh, what do you play?" and I said, "Well, mostly BioWare RPGs." He replied, "Baldur's Gate II is the best game...ever." And I said that I agreed. So we got all nostalgic about Minsc and Irenicus and Imoen, and black-and-yellow studded leather armor and dual-classing, etc., etc. Good times.

Anyway, sorry for that tangent, but I am in awe at how much time you put into those costumes, and all the different materials that you use. I have trouble seeing myself doing anything beyond sewing. If that, seeing as I don't have a sewing machine at the moment. All the people lining up at the end had really cool costumes. I am so impressed by all the creativity and talent.

I'm always happy to see more! You guys are so awesome.

Eleni said...

Oh, and I just remembered the part where you mentioned Blasto. Awesome! I saw the new t-shirt at the BioWare store, with Blasto and a bunch of guns (he has a gun in every tentacle...) that says "Enkindle this." The shirt would definitely confuse anyone who doesn't know Mass Effect, and I'm not too keen on wearing shirts with lots of guns on them, and it's only in the men's cut. They need a poster with Blasto, done up like a movie poster (tagline, premiere date, credits list, etc.). That would be cool.

Suthainn said...

Best of luck with the search for work, I'm sure we all know how that can suck. Totally looking forwards to the day I can go to a movie and see 'Costume Designer - Holly Conrad' in the credits :D