Friday, October 15, 2010

New Video!

More shenanigans from the Crabcat Team! This time: Failed Taxidermy. Make this your next obnoxious email forward to your co-workers.


Gnosblax said...

Awesome video, but why is the Mass Effect music in the background? XD

Eleni said...


So, what exactly did you end up dumping into the street? Were you violating toxic waste disposal laws? Well, as they used to say (until they realized it didn't really work) "dilution is the solution to pollution".

No more picking up dead animal bits and bringing them home, OK? Hahaha.

graphicfire said...

I would have thought boiling it down would have been a good way to go. Like making stock. Though this would have been gross stock ;p

Though a couple of heads might have taken a long time to do so and might not have been cost effective.

Anonymous said...

you are supposed to boil the skulls, me and my dad have done it many times