Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fiberglass Armor Fun Pt.1

Well, usually when you make fiberglass armor you do so by sculpting a detailed sculpt, molding it in silicone and plaster, and then casting it in either a quick casting plastic, or more fiberglass. BUT! Here at Crabcat we do things quick and dirty. Errr, or something. ANYWAY!

Here's how to make a fiberglass claw arm. It's pretty fun! You should try it....what you need...

BondOooooOoOo! You're going to be mixing this with the resin. Why? Because we sculpted hawke's crazy shoulder armor out of water based clay. Resin won't cure over that, so we have to mix resin, bondo, and BOTH catalysts to add a coat over the top! 

 Green wax! This is for putting on the fiberglass mannequin so your other fiberglass won't stick. You can get it at any local plastics shop, or ridiculous chemical retailer.

 This is not wheat Germ. This is MEKP, it's the catalyst for resin. We broke the lid, so we put it in a jar. It'll make you blind, so be careful!
 Oh and don't forget your safety gear! 

 Bondo-resin it a cup! Catalyzed and ready to brush onto the sculpture.
Brushed on! Isn't is pretty?! Now that that's on, we let it cure...and you can go play some Mass Effect while you wait for the next exciting update....or something. Also I need to make a video of this, I'll do that soon!

Next up is the actual fiberglass cloth. Make sure to cut it in vaguely the same shape as your armor, and have lots of extra chip brushes for your friends. Then you use regular resin, catalyze it, and tap out the cut pieces (that's a fancy term for pressing the brush into the cloth to wet it). Make sure not to kick it too hot (add too much catalyst) or your resin will jell up while you're applying it, and you'll cry silently to yourself in your dirty hands.

Steph is using proper safety signage. Are you?!

Tank decided to make hot dogs at 2 am. Then he fixed my car! Thanks Tank, you're a trooper. (Jessica is back there stitching Hawke's leather bag. Awesome!)

SO anyway, after wetting the strips and tapping them onto the clay/bondo-resin  sculpt (making sure to get all the bubbles out!) We stick it outside to cure and hope for the best.

Next comes the cleaning, sanding, and prettying up. Keep watching!!


Chris said...

Holly is a chemist as well :P

Also, it is time to invest in a respirator.

Chris said...

Whoops, just noticed the mask was N95 NIOSH-approved.

/retract last statement

Jeff said...

N95 is for dust, not vapors.
So respirator would be a good idea.