Friday, January 28, 2011

Grunt made it to BioWare!

And once I get pictures of him there, I'll see if I can get permission to post them here!

I'm super excited that it got there alright, and I've gotten a lot of awesome feedback from them. I had so much fun all last year on that project, and now it's finally grown up and a piece is in the BioWare head office. So thanks again BioWare and the wonderful artists and concept artists and writers who make their games so inspiring. YOU ALL DESERVE REAL SPACESHIPS.

All right! I see in the poll that I need to do more busts! I may do a few original designs (so, you know, I can be original) and then Mordin, Legion, or Garrus. Ideally I'd love to make another animatronic head, but time-wise that may have to be next year. But we'll see. Expect a new Hawke update soon, this weekend is an epic leather-working fest. It'll be Medieval good times.

Keep watching!!


Eleni said...

...And the programmers who bring the awesomeness to (virtual) life!

I <3 BioWare.

Brent said...

Hells yeah

Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

Wicked! Look forward to updates on more of your work!

Anonymous said...

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