Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two Grunts!

A while back BioWare helped us get to PAX by bidding on a new Grunt mask. And here it is! Finally after a few months, New Grunt is next to Old Grunt, and ready to get shipped up to Edmonton.

New Grunt is a slip latex brush in, with translucent sculpy teeth, airbrushed with FW inks, and made with space magic.

No really, I was going to post a tutorial on mask painting, but that'll have to come with my next mask. I got too carried way on Grunt and had too much fun to remember to tape it. Ha.

I was thinking my next mask should be something original, or possibly a design we haven't seen in Mass Effect yet that I come up with and sculpt for funsies. 

So there you go! More to come soon, working on new t-shirts as well! Hand screen printed by us in my garage.

As you can see, we've finally managed to make proper t-shirts. WoooO! Eventually they'll be on the Crabcat Etsy store, so if you feel like you need a piece of obscure geeky wardrobe, check them out!

I promise to post more in-progress of the visor as well as my other projects soon! Right now I'm in the *buying supplies* phase, which takes a while.

 Keep watching!


Jellyfish Opera said...

SWEEET, I need to get ready to order one of those hot cakes! You guys totally rock my universe!

Eleni said...

That Grunt looks amazing. The BioWare people are so awesome.

I'll definitely have to pick up one of those shirts. I have to decide on a color, though.

Semphora said...

hey holly, what's that patch on your right arm?
(new Grunt looks great btw...)

Matt Rhodes said...

can't wait to see it in person!

Kate said...

Your work is incredible! The grunt is awesome! Look forward to seeing the visor updates!