Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hawke vs Shepard Round One

Sorry for the silence everyone! I've been trying to make the deadline of PAX East for our upcoming panel of Hawke vs Shepard! Below are a few pictures that we got featured in this Kotaku Article.

I have tons of pictures and videos of how we did the armor, and if you watch one of our livefeeds (I tweet them @Hollyconrad) then you can see us in action!

Anyway, more work to be done, so here's some pics!

If you're going to PAX East, we'll be at our panel at 7:30 Saturday in the Cat theater!


Brent said...

Well worth the wait! Hawke's costume looks incredible. Have fun at PAX, and try not to smear the floor w/ Hawke in the Hawke vs. Shepard battle. ;-)

Eleni said...

Awesome!!! Both costumes are so amazing. Right now I'm rooting for Shepard, but that's probably because I haven't played DA2 yet. I need to get on that. Have a great time at PAX East!

Joe Myers said...

Man, first dreaming big for Comic-Con and now showing 'em how it's done at PAX. Really inspiring. :)

Xav said...

I was waiting to see progress pictures of Hawke and here she's all finished and stuff. Everything, as usual, looks amazing ^^

landon.sebastien said...

Jessica as Hawke is awesome !!!
I want to see Tayler as Merill now ;-)
A kiss to Cracat team from France !