Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well, I've been gone for a while! Which makes me sad, because I've been meaning to update quite a bit. PAX East was a complete success, we had a blast, took amazing pictures, and met awesome people. Here are few pictures from super talented photographer Ian Travis Barnard who captured us at the con...

I was super happy how Hawke turned out, all those days of sanding fiberglass paying off.

After that, we had our panel! The guys at Nerd Caliber were nice enough to film it, so below are the videos of me fidgeting and Jessica getting points:

Until next time everyone....weee!



ArtSnark said...

congrats! Looks fab. Would love to do a drawing of one of those fanatastic photos!

We didn't make it to PE this year but I'm trying to talk the company into attending the next one.Would be fun to actually meet a fellow SteamTeamer

Eleni said...

I hope Boston treated you well. So wish I were still living there. The pics are amazing! Hawke came out so well. I'll have to watch the videos later when I have time.

Speaking of having time, have you gotten a chance to finally play Dragon Age 2 now?